The handicap is not a status symbol or ranking of a golfer, but simply an assessment of his playing strength. In addition, the handicap ensures more togetherness in golf instead of separation.

At this point you can dispel two myths. The handicap is not a status symbol or ranking of a golfer, but simply an assessment of his playing strength. In addition, the handicap ensures more togetherness in golf instead of separation. In golf, it is so easy for golfers of different skill levels to compete against each other. Of course, this also applies to a tournament.

What is the golf handicap anyway?

The handicap, known as HCP for short, refers to a golfer's playing ability. The handicap is expressed in numbers and represents a golfer's ability to show his potential. The lower the handicap, the better the player.

How to calculate the handicap

Now the question still remains as to how the handicap system is actually calculated. In general, the target indicates the number of strokes that an average player needs to complete a regular 18-hole golf course. For this purpose, every hole on a golf course is assigned a par. The par indicates how many strokes the hole can be completed. Typically this is three, four or five strokes. The hole is then referred to as Par 3, Par 4 or Par 5.

According to the European Golf Association (EGA), 72 strokes are normally set for a typical golf course. If a player needs exactly these 72 strokes, he has a handicap of 0, a so-called scratch golfer. However, this example is very simplified.

In order to even receive a handicap, the player must first prove his license to play at a club. To do this, he must take a test on his knowledge of the rules and playing skills. After a successful test, the player automatically receives a handicap of -54.

This is absolute zero and cannot be beaten. This assumes that the player plays three over par in 18 holes and needs 24 strokes more than the assumed 72. By the way, if there is no sign in front of the number in the handicap, it always means minus. Since most players have a minus handicap, this is omitted. If the handicap is in the plus range, the plus is explicitly stated.

Our 18 hole golf course in Canyamel Mallorca offers you par 73 over a total of 6,185 meters.

The course rating for the player and the slope value of the course are also included in the calculation. The course rating indicates the level of difficulty of the golf course, the slope value indicates whether the player has achieved his handicap on easier or more difficult courses.

From handicap 36 the regular handicap begins. With a handicap of 45 you are tournament ready for tournaments in the lowest handicap class.

A “good golfer” is defined as a score of 18 or more.

The handicap in practice

But it is still unclear how this value works in practice. Suppose a player with handicap 36 plays a round of 107 strokes on a course with a course rating of 72. The playing handicap is now calculated from the course rating of 72 and the handicap of 36. The playing handicap is therefore 108. Since the player only needed 107 strokes, he has improved by one stroke.

What is the difference between amateur and pro

Handicaps and master guidelines are only important for the amateur area. There are no longer any handicaps in the professional sector. If a player has a handicap, it is clear that he is an amateur player. No matter how good he thinks he is. But most pros transitioned into pros with an HCP score around +3. Do you want to improve your handicap in Mallorca? Then it's time to get to know our golf instructor and WGTF professional Paul Kelly.

Handicap in Mallorca

The handicap system ensures fair and balanced competition between golfers of different abilities. In addition to tournaments, the handicap is of course also used as a benchmark for your personal improvement.

At Canyamel Golf Mallorca, it is important to us that everyone who takes part in our 18-hole golf course understands the rules of the game. With the required handicap of < 36, we ensure professional and smooth gameplay.

Of course, we also want players with a handicap of >36 to feel welcome on our golf course and so you can book your tee time on request in low season and play on our course from 2 p.m in high season.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing your progress towards improving your handicap. See you soon at Canyamel Golf Mallorca!