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With this guide we want to inform our clients about the security measures we have implemented in the Canyamel golf facilities: club house and course, to offer them a safe and quality stay.

Canyamel golf has followed the recommendations of the Health Authorities, the Spanish Golf Federation and has been advised by the occupational risk prevention service. Security procedures have also been developed for Canyamel golf staff and suppliers.


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Canyamel golf has developed a thorough cleaning procedure in order to offer our clients a safe environment. This procedure has been developed according to the instructions provided by the different public entities and the products comply with the established regulatory requirements.

Please follow the instructions indicated on the signs located at the entrances. Club house has several hydroalcoholic gel dispensers to disinfect your hands. The capacity has been reduced in order to ensure the safety distance between our clients.


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 Dear customers, taking into account the current situation due to COVID-19 we ask you to follow the following instructions:

  • Respect all the security measures indicated by Canyamel golf.

  • Make reservations before playing, preferably by phone, mail or online.

  • Make the payment of the services preferably by credit card.

  • Avoid crowds in the reception and clubhouse, respect the maximum capacity indicated.

  • Respect the indications on the signs and preventive measures of social distance and hygiene.

  • When renting an equipment, the Canyamel golf staff will indicate and / or deliver the equipment to maintain hygienic-sanitary measures.

  • The equipment provided by the Canyamel golf team will be disinfected before and after being rented by our staff.


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  • Maintain social distance throughout the game

  • Avoid sharing play equipment: manual or electric trollies, golf clubs.

  • The use of buggies by two people is allowed under the same conditions established by the Health Authorities for the use of private vehicles.

  • Canyamel golf has removed the rakes from the bunkers in accordance with the instructions of the Health Authorities. Repair the bunkers in the best possible way without the use of rakes.foto covid de 06

  • Do not remove or touch the hole flags, they must always remain in the holes.

  • The holes have a stop that prevents the ball from descending completely at the end of the hole. Pick up the ball with as much prevention as possible.

  • Ready Golf, play fast. If you give way to another flight, respect social distance.





  • Avoid physical greeting.

  • It will be not possible to clean the clubs or use the shoe cleaner in accordance with the Protocol of the Spanish Golf Federation.

  • Towels for the showers will be available at the Canyamel golf reception, we also recommend wearing rubber shoes for the use of the showers.


For your own safety and the safety of our team, we thank you in advance for complying with the hygienic-sanitary regulations established by Canyamel golf.





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